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When We Think Our Struggles Are Exterior Problems…

“For the most part, all our trials and disturbances come from our not understanding ourselves” (Interior Castle, IV, 1, 9).

~St. Teresa of Ávila

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Truly an Indicator that Depression is Disease

Truly an Indicator that Depression is Disease

Yesterday, one of America’s comedic icons died, presumably from depression. I’m sure you’ve all heard of it by now. Not only about Robin Williams’ death, but about depression itself. If reports are correct, this true and tragic disease has murdered someone who made us laugh and cry with his life’s work. He seemed so happy in his ways of manic humor,  so devoted to his craft, so lively.

But many…

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Hoping I Puke

I’m jealous. The travelers, the first-apartment-dwellers, the newlyweds, the successfully employed. I’m in a rut of cabin-fever with no car, overbearing parents, no job, and little motivation.

I admit it.  I’m jealous. And a bit depressed. But that’ s what this blog is for, right?! :D

…Things could be worse, yes.

…I have a beautiful-hearted, wonderful boyfriend who loves me, yes.

…I have gifts,…

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Group Photo Reflection #1

Group Photo Reflection #1



The following are photos I’ve taken in different spots I’ve explored. What are your thoughts? Don’t try so much to define the contents, but aim to share the emotions they evoke in you. Post your thoughts in the comments; I would love to hear them, and they may help others!


DSC03133 DSC03138 DSC03148

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Standing Empty

“Verily you are suspended like scales between your sorrow and your joy. Only when you are empty are you at standstill and balanced.” ~ Khalil Gibran

I flipped to this quote in Gibran’s The Prophet, a book given to me by Ray, and one we’ve been slowly reading it together. I shared the quote with him during a rough morning he was experiencing. The night previous, when I first read it, I was going…

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Inadequacy Remedies

In the past week, I’ve cut my dosage in half because I’m running out of meds and live in an out-of-reach place, where, about thirty minutes away, Walmart is the only thriving shopping center. Granted, the less-commercialized side of the town, the less-pagan side (a joke formed between my dear and I when we were trying to eat out one Sunday and all the restaurants in historic downtown were closed…

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Write Away

I’m writing tonight just to get my fingers moving, so my mind will tag along. I’m trying some fiction writing, but without burning myself out. I tend to think I need the entire story plotted when I begin writing, but I realize I need to just write now, organize later. Write whatever comes to mind. Just to keep him off my mind.

I love thinking of him. He shines in my heart. His spirit kindles my…

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Anna Magruder

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